To facilitate the booking process we ask that you are as detailed as possible in explaining your idea. To make the communication smoother it would be ideal to include the following info:

1. Placement (if you are between two or more areas specify them all) ;

2. Size (please provide size in centimeters or inches, alternatively, send a picture of the area where you want the tattoo so we can get a sense of the dimensions);
3. Detailed description of what you want, your  idea, important details that you would really like to see included in the final design;
4. Color or Black & Grey (or both);
5. Style (a lot of clients don´t know what style they are looking for and we are here to help, but if you happen to know, please include this);
6. Last but not least, EXAMPLES! Even if you can´t find any reference pictures of what you are looking for exactly send us pictures that inspire you and tell us why!

We are always available for in person consults as well, and we remind you that all consultations are completely free of charge! 

With this info we´ll be able to give you an approximate price range but in any case, to start the sketching process and reserve a time to tattoo we will ask for a 50€ deposit.  Below you´ll be able to download our Deposit Disclaimer with detailed info about what the deposit is for. 

To make the payment you can stop by the shop any time during our business hours or send the money through PayPal  or Bank Transfer. 

For bank transfers please message us privately.