Bonnie is one of those people that will put a smile on your face as soon as you meet her.
She's an Artist in every aspect of her personality and you'll soon realize how fun tattooing can be. She holds great pride in her work and dedicates time to those details that many artists don't always consider. It's fundamental for her to give her clients a tattoo that they will carry on their skin with satisfaction every day of their lives.
Now, to the details, she's an incredible artist that has been dedicating her life to tattooing for over 14 years.
And many people know her as the "Queen", because she's absolutely great at being in charge and wears her crown with style.
She enjoys artistic challenges and believes that everything can be done, as long as you put care and dedication into your work.
She's especialized in realism tattoo, both in color and black & grey, but she's been trained to do everything and anything, so her work and methods are quite unique.


Raquel aka Sednae 

Is an incredible illustrator with a hand capable of any challenge. 

All of her creations are custom made to be able to give each and every client an original and unique piece.  

She especializes in "sketch" style, which is defined by free sketchy lines, where the final result shows the entire preparation foundation that normally gets removed when the design gets "cleaned up". 

She is also known for her  "watercolor" pieces.

Although the majority of her work has color, Sednae also loves doing darker tattoos, both in tones and  type of subjects.