In this section you´ll find the list of our Guest Artists. Under each name you will see the dates in which each artist will be tattooing with us.  The characteristic of a Guest Artist is that they are people you won´t find at the shop on daily basis, they travel to Barcelona on specific dates to tattoo our clients. For us is a way of offering the possibility of getting tattooed by top level artists in every style.  We always try to bring artists that specialize in styles that are most requested. And as always, we look for original "hands" and personalities that go along our working habits, with respect and professionalism.  


September / October 2020
The beauty of lines 

Federica is another of our recurrent guests,

she specializes in anything that has to do with

lines, ornamental & geometric work.


   Femininity as a tattoo 

Darya has also been collaborating with us for about 3 years now. 
She normally comes to Barcelona once or twice a year. 
She is a very flexible artist as far as styles goes although what is very obvious about her work is her elegance and intensity of colors.